Today we bring you an incredibly special story about Brenda…the amazing 67 year old mom of long-time member Angela Lyons. She instantly became a favorite staple member of our 9am class and never misses working out when she’s in town. I am beyond proud of how far she has come and how open she is to challenging herself every day. It just goes to show that anyone can do this given the right mindset. Read on for more!

Before finding CrossFit For Glory,

“my struggle was to walk or do aerobics faithfully. I was not attending an aerobics class so I did not have a regular routine. I was frustrated with myself for not being as enthusiastic about my physical shape as I had been in the past. I taught aerobics for years but as I got older I found I was less motivated to maintain my physical health.”

How did that affect your life?

“I did not have the energy or motivation to exercise regularly. I would tell myself I would do it tomorrow.”

How did CFG help you overcome those frustrations?

“It has inspired me to challenge myself. I am more compelled to do it. I attend classes in my hometown three days a week. I would not have began classes there if I had not attended your gym first.”

How is life different for you now?

I have a routine now and I enjoy the classes so much. I am sort of structured😂😂.I have more energy and my muscles are returning. I am very enthusiastic about attending classes and really hate to miss them. If I do I try to walk or put in an old aerobics dvd!!