Be Proud…9/14/12

Be Proud…
I’ve been sitting on this post for quite some time. Truth be known, I was just not quite sure how to tackle it or what I wanted the overarching message to be. The idea for it came to me during a normal class session where we had some heavy lifting going on. After all was said and done, some people were pleased with their performances, but I sensed some disappointment in many. And that resonated with me. Look, we all know the benefits of CrossFit once we sip the kool-aid: you get into wicked good shape, it’s fun, and you become part of a great community.

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Mom getting her FIRST rope climb!!

But there are some other things that we forget at times:
This stuff is hard.
The majority of the movements are foreign to nearly everyone.
The class regulars and even the gym itself can be very intimidating.
Sometimes, progress seems slow, even stagnant.
Looking back at the disappointment I sensed in many people that day, I think it was a combination of all the above things. At times, it can seem like your fellow CrossFitters are running circles around you.
And that is OK.
Some days you feel right as rain. Others, not so much.
Yes, this stuff is hard. But man it is sure rewarding. If you can make it through a WOD here, wrestling with the kids or co-workers doesn’t seem all that taxing.
Yes, the movements are strange. But wow, they do feel cool when you do even ONE rep right. After getting your first pull-up, or double under, or snatch, or overhead squat, nothing feels out of reach.
Yes, some days you will be the last to finish. But those are the days when your mental edge is sharpened the most. Finish a Hero WOD or a benchmark Girl WOD and you’ll be more equipped than most to finish anything.
Yes, progress can be slow. But believe it or not, you are always making progress, just by simply coming in. Take a look back at how far you’ve come since you started, you might surprise yourself.
Be confident. It took a lot of guts to walk in here. And to continue doing so. You are a part of the brave minority who choose to CrossFit.
Be proud.
Because you, you are a CrossFitter.
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Some of the family!

A. Skill:
We’ve got a nice little triplet today of movements we haven’t done at all this week…
Couple Quick Poll Questions:
A. Who is going to participate in the TLC? I will be posting more details over the next few days!
B. Who wants/need to order something from StrongerFasterHealthier? This is where we’ve been getting our TLC approved fish oil and protein!
C. Who hasn’t put their goals up yet? Answer: you’ve been officially called out by your fellow classmates on the whiteboard! Check it next time you’re in…

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