Path to Recovery Part 2…

Patience. Ask my mom, Jodi, the one trait that God surely did not bless me with an abundance of, and she would undoubtedly say patience. Age has helped with that. As has being a business owner – thanks to all of you, haha! And of course, kids have helped as well. In the context of […]

What is Health?

I wrote a while back about keeping perspective on why you come to the gym. For many of you, the reason you first came to us was “to get healthy.” So I’m curious, what does that really mean to you? The dictionary refers to health a number of different ways: 1. The state of being […]

Path to Recovery…

Did you all know/hear that I hurt my back pretty badly on Wednesday afternoon? Yeah, totally did. Couldn’t really walk. Marc Z had to carry my computer bag for me, and my incredible wife has done nearly everything else for me.   Anyhow, before my brain starts to focus on much else, I wanted to […]

Redoing an Open Workout

I wrote about this last year, but the topic of whether or not to redo an Open workout always draws a lot of attention, so I wanted to be sure and touch on it again. Here are my thoughts: In general, I’m not a fan of it. And here is why: If you don’t beat […]

Hurry Back Heather!

Today, Monday February 15th, Coach Heather Avery goes into surgery to have a procedure done on her knee. Over the past several years, Heather has been a steady light not only at the helm of the 5:30am (previously 6:30am) classes, but also by my side as my right-hand (wo)man. Very few, if any, decisions about dealings […]

Nutrition Coaching!

Welcome to CrossFit For Glory’s Nutrition Coaching Program! Our Nutrition Coaching Program at CrossFit For Glory is designed to provide individuals with an easy, science-based approach to nutrition and wellness, using simple strategies to create positive change without the stress of “dieting”. Over the last several years, we have researched and filtered through an abundance […]

You Can't Outwork a Crappy Diet

I know, I know, many of you know how much a loathe the word ‘diet,’ but in this case I felt like that flowed with the title better than “You can’t outwork a crappy nutritional lifestyle.” Anyhow, on with the content. Many of you decided to join CrossFit For Glory for similar reasons – to […]

Bulletproof Shoulders – 5 Exercises to Fix Your Shoulders!

  Have shoulder issues? Just want to improve their performance and/or health? Here is a quick routine to help! Follow along with Coach Heather of CrossFit For Glory as she takes you through the following routine we call ‘Bulletproof Shoulders.’ Points of performance for each movement are highlighted below: 1. Side Plank Reach Through – […]

Why Deload? 4/3/15

What is the purpose of this week and next? Why are we “deloading” and what should you expect out of it? In short, we just wrapped up 5 very tough weeks of the Open. Even if you didn’t participate officially, most everyone did the Open WODS. The biggest reason is to give you a psychological […]

More is not Better…Better is Better

For kids these days it’s all about specializing in one sport. Every parent out there is raising the next Brady, or Lebron, or Jeter. Or Federer. Or Tiger. Or…Jordan. And so the trend of playing their sport year round has taken root. Oh wait, they do get a week off around Christmas time. Plain and […]