Do Unto Yourself…1/27/15

(This post was originally published in 2015, but it still remains relevant today!) Do Unto Yourself: One of the most important aspects of joining a CrossFit box and the community within is the support the other athletes provide. They are there each day as friends and teammates in general and they also provide the support […]

Movement and Mobility Seminar Review

A few weeks ago, I was gifted (anonymously) a spot at the CrossFit Movement and Mobility Seminar in Tampa. Continuing education has always been an important part of extending my knowledge so that I can best offer you all the latest and greatest in your pursuit of increased health and fitness. This weekend was incredibly […]


After he authored last weeks “Hydration Matters” post comes this next one about “Resilience.” Seems to me that Coach Jay is on a roll when it comes to pumping out good content. The rest of us better step up our games! In the meantime, enjoy: This week I read four articles and had two conversations […]

Range of Motion…5/6/14

Ok, so this post has been brewing in my head for quite some time (read: TWO+ years) and I figured that now is as good a time as any to put it out there. Do a google search for the definition of “range of motion” and you’ll find various forms of this: “the movement of […]


Newsflash! You can’t get good at something you suck at by avoiding it. CrossFit is a ‘General Physical Preparedness’ program.  The goals are to promote fitness across broad time and modal domains.  Within those modal domains are the ten generally recognized aspects of fitness.  The elevator speech on how the program accomplishes that is “we […]

The CrossFitter's Survival Bag

Before an early morning WOD this past week, Josh watched as I took a multi-tool out of my WOD bag to make a quick adjustment to my jump rope. It shouldn’t have surprised me, but it apparently surprised him, because he chuckled and said that he also kept one in his bag. That prompted me […]

The Injury Bug (Part 1)

Let’s talk injuries…or boo-boo’s for some of you less mature folk out there.  Injuries happen. They are a part of life. Stub the toe, scrape the shin, paper cuts…these are all everyday injuries. But the kind we are most concerned with are those that happen in the box. We’re going to go over two kinds […]

The Injury Bug (Part 2)

Back to the show… The second kind of injury is “Chronic.” Shoulders always stiff and sore? Elbow tender to the touch? Dull aches in the low back when resting?   These are examples of chronic, or ‘overuse,’ injuries – they are characterized by pain that develops over time. They are BY FAR the most common […]

Twenty Three…12/10/12

Many of you are dedicated CrossFitters now.  With the hours doing pullups, barbell gymnastics, box jumps and wall-balls comes the badges of honor you wear in your calloused hands, scabbed shins and huge increases in strength and power.  You don’t have to ask what “AMRAP” or “double-under” means.  You dutifully come to the gym for […]