First off, HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Have a good, safe time tonight! Just a heads up, we will NOT have the 6PM class tonight – gotta get our little dude ready for Halloween! Feel free to pile into the 4PM class.

Coordination, one of CrossFit’s “10 General Physical Skills”, is defined as the ability to combine several distinct movement patterns into a singular distinct movement.
Nearly every day you’re at the box, you work on improving your coordination. From movements in the warm-up, to our skill work, and especially in the WOD, your coordination is being tested and improved.
No other movement demonstrates a grasp of this skill better than the double under.
Or rather, the “dreaded” double under, as many of you would argue it should be called.
Improvements in your strength, flexibility, endurance, and stamina come about through training. Running more, lifting heavier, resting less, stretching – these produce measureable changes in your body.
Skill based movements, like coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance come about through practice. Therein lies the difference. Practice refers to activity that improves performance through changes in the central nervous system.
Why am I saying this? Simple: double unders are incredibly frustrating, and it sucks to suck at something that is so seemingly simple. However, if you cherry pick the WODs (i.e. AVOID them altogether) where you see double unders listed (Wednesday night perhaps???), you rob yourself of the opportunity to practice.
I remember one day asking Jay to take a class through some double under skill work. His tips? “Jump higher, spin the rope a little faster.” I laughed my tail off. While it is that simple, most people don’t get it that fast, myself included. When I first started CrossFit, it took me MONTHS of daily practice to finally be able to string them together reliably. Two minutes per day, every day, of meaningful double under practice. There is a right and wrong way to practice, so next time you see double unders listed under the skill work (like TODAY), GET TO THE BOX!
But wait, you don’t have a rope to practice at home, do you? Never fear, here are some links to popular ones:
Cable Rope (these are the same as we have)
PVC Rope (great for beginners as the rope is heavier gauge PVC)
Rogue Speed Rope (probably the best one out there)
Buddy Lee Speed Rope (simply awesome)
RX Jump Rope (custom made for you, sweet handles)
Remember, it’s all about PRACTICE!
P.S. As an aside, while it’s not a universal truth, I have found that the people that can do double unders are also better at snatching, cleaning, toes to bar and pull-ups. Hmm…?

A. Skill:
Hollow Rocks and Arches
Double Unders
Psoas Bits
12min AMRAP –
12 Sit-Ups
400m Run
15 Chin-Ups

IMG 2135
Heather and Mandy knocking out “Bring Sally Up!” They were on the ‘down’ portion here in case you were wondering…


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