Last week, we shared the story of Lydia Parra. This week, we share the story of her hubby Eddie – we figured it only right seeing as how this pair never does anything without the other! For those that don’t know, the Parra’s are quite the formidable 1-2-Punch, and when they’re not busy winning the 2017 Intramural Open for team Shrug Life, they are taking over the stage at a Latin concert and winning the dance-off! Although Eddie is usually a man of many, ok many many many, words, he told me he’d be short this week so he could return to training, saying, “Don’t you know we’ve got more medals to win?!” Without further ado, here is Eddie’s story:

What brought you to CrossFit For Glory?

Our move to the area brought us to the box about a year ago.

What was your first impression? How has that changed?

It was a cool & fun environment and that perspective has not changed.

What are you most proud of? What have you achieved?

I’m most proud of being able to help others. I’ve achieved full range of motion and overall moving a lot better.

What’s your next goal to hit?

My next goal is to qualify for a national weightlifting meet!

What’s your favorite memory at CrossFit For Glory?

My favorite CFG memory is typically tied to when the energy in the gym is electric and people are smashing PR’s! Like today, when Rob & Lydia were hitting Bench press PR’s and seeing that excitement got contagious enough for me to PR too!