I have been a member for 2 years now. After I quit gymnastics I was stuck on finding a new passion for a while and had seen a friend of my sisters CrossFit videos on social media and after about 2yrs of bugging my parents they caved and signed me up.

My first impression I was really intimidated and felt like I was doing everything wrong, probs bc at first I was. LOL. I felt welcomed and as I got to know everyone it became like a 2nd home to me. It’s truly the highlight of my day.

I’m most proud of this years last open, watching everyone’s progress and hitting milestones in their fitness journey. It warms my heart watching people achieve long time goals or goals they never thought they’d achieve.

“What are you working towards right now?” I’m focused on making it to regionals within the next few years. Building not only my physical strength, but my metal strength as well.

ONE favorite memory?!? If you know me, you know I can’t pick one of anything lol. One night during the 7pm class the weightlifting piece was a partner deadlift and Eddie insisted on joining in for only the lifting portion and him and Rob deadlifted me and Steph while we sat on top of the loaded bar.