Extra Work Week of 5/18/15

Week of 5/18/15

Here are a few ways to go about utilizing this extra work:
1. The box is always open 30min prior to each class – come in then and get to it
2. We stay after most classes (unless the coach has to be somewhere) for 15-20min, you may use that time to complete what you are able
3. We have “Open Gym” hours on M/W/F from 6-7pm. Use it!
4. Do it at home
Caveat – this is NOT meant to replace any of your regularly scheduled programming/workouts. Hence the title “Extra Work.” It is meant to supplement your already dedicated training in order to more personally attack your weaknesses. If I get the sense that people are doing this, I will stop writing the extra work.
General Note – You will notice that some of the categories below (endurance and gymnastics for instance) have multiple days. That is by design. The ‘workouts’ themselves shouldn’t take too long, so do them all to maximize your results.
Endurance Focus – Week 4 of 12
Day 1 –
4x400m w/ 2min rest
Day 2 –
3x1000m w/ 3min rest
Day 3 –
10k time trial
Strength Focus – right now, we are in week 4 of a 20-rep back squat cycle. For our weekly in-gym programming, I program just one day of squats. However, the program is designed to be done two days per week. If you choose to go this route, make sure you don’t do these days back to back.
Day 1, Week 4: (This is what’s programmed for the gym at-large. This week it’ll fall on Thursday.)
Back Squat – 1 x 20 @ 5-10lb heavier than last time
Day 2, Week 4:
Back Squat – 1 x 20 @ 5-10lb heavier than last session (for instance, if you did 100lb for your previous session, then do between 105-110 this time around)
Gymnastics: Do the (a) and (b) in circuit fashion
Day 1:
a) Strict Pull-Ups – 5 x 10 (find something that allows you to complete 10 easy for the first 2 sets), rest 60s
b) Ring Push-Ups – 5 x 10 (the lower the rings are set, the harder these are. Same rules as above), rest 60s
Day 2:
a) Chin Ups – 5 x 3, (find something that allows you tom complete 10 easy for the first 2 sets), rest 60s
b) Strict Ring Dips – 5 x 10 (find something that allows you tom complete 10 easy for the first 2 sets), rest 60s
Day 3: ME = MAX EFFORT. You should only come down because you physically could do no more!
a) Kipping/Butterfly Pull-Ups – 2 x ME, rest as needed
b) ME Strict + ME Kipping HSPU – 2 x ME, rest as needed (you will start off doing as many strict as you can, so set up whatever progression you need. Then while staying upside down you will continue moving using your kip. When you come down, your set is over)
Trunk Strengthening: This is a HUGE necessity for nearly everyone. Ever feel like your falling forward or caving in when you front squat heavy or catch a heavy clean? Yea, thought so. Then do this…
Day 1:
GHD Back Extensions w/ 5s Hold at Top – 5 x 15 reps, rest 90s
Day 2:
Pendlay Rows: 5 x 8 reps, rest 60s
Watch the demo video and notice that there is NO momentum generated from the torso. Back position is locked in and static (https://vimeo.com/49707412)
Day 3:
Plank Holds – Front – 3 x 60s, Sides – 3 x 30s ea side

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