Extra Work, Week of 9/8/14

Here is the extra work for the week of 9/8/14:
Endurance Focus : Week 6 of 12
Day 1 –
6×400 w/ 90s rest
Day 2 –
2x200m w/ 90s rest
2×400 w/ 2min rest
2x1000m w/ 3min rest
Day 3 –
7mi @ 95% of 10k TT pace
Strength Focus : Week 8 of 12
Day 1 –
Front/Back Squat (Wednesday) – 6 x 2/4 @ 100% 1RM
Day 2 –
Front/Back Squat – 6 x 2/4 @ 94% of what you did Wednesday
Pull-Up Focus :
Day 1 – Capacity Building
EMOM f/ 10min –
5-10 PERFECT Form Kipping Pull-Ups
Start with the biggest set (up to a max of 10) you can complete unbroken…i.e. without losing your kip. You may do these with a band, but pick one that would allow you to do NO MORE than ten reps.
*If you’re learning the butterfly, start with partial ROM reps, i.e. using the kip to get you moving vertical as opposed to your arms.
Day 2 – Strength Maintenance
5 x 5 Ring Rows – w/ Body Position that allows you to complete no more than 5 reps. Elevate feet on box if necessary.
Day 3 – Body Control Practice
a) Noes and Toes against wall – 3 x ME hold (the name says all you need to know…only your noes and toes may be touching)
b) Arch Rock – 3 x 20s
c) Hollow->Arch Kip on bar – focus on keeping entire body tight from toes to wrist. There should be no broken joints.
Rowing Focus :
Choice One – 4 x 3min w/ 1min easy
(Row four 3 minute pieces. Row for one minute at light pressure between each piece.)
Choice Two – 10 x 500m w/ 2 min easy

(Row ten 500 meter pieces. Row for two minutes at light pressure between each 500.)

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