Fall 2015 Nutrition Challenge

Ok gang, it’s that time again. The kids are back to school, so its time to devote more time to taking care of yourself. Fat loss, muscle gain, better sport performance – whatever your goals are, we’ve got the means to get you there!
This Fall, we are going to do something completely different. We are going to give YOU the option of what style of Nutrition Challenge you’d like to participate in. The first two options, since they are done with a group, will start on Friday September 18th. The personal approach can start any time you’re ready.
Here are the options:
1. AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge:24-day-challenge
For those that didn’t get an opportunity to jump in with us when we first launched one of these challenges back in the summer, here are what some of your fellow athletes had to say about their experience:
“During this Challenge, I lost 5Ibs and 4 1/2 inches in my waist. I greatly appreciate the support and guidance. The Challenge has helped me reset my fitness goals with a greater understanding on what foods to incorporate in my meals for a better workout results. Thank-you!” -Angela Lyons
“I want to thank Josh, Heather, Charlie and the entire support team for their help and encouragement for the past 24 days. It was truly a rewarding experience both by the results and the knowledge of nutrition and its affect on your body. Lost 9 lbs & 4″ at waistline.” – Dave Bushea
“Down 8lbs & 19.5 total inches” – Savannah Rummell
“Down 15.6 lbs and man jelly went from a 50 inch waist to 43.” – Rob Rivera
If you did the one in July and want to do another one – GREAT! We’d encourage you to tighten up even more for this one, and maybe sit down with one of the coaches to talk more about performance products for those who have been good with nutrition but want an added boost.
(You’ll need to get your products ordered no later than Monday the 14th @ noon to be ready to go by the 18th!!)
2. Total Life Challenge 3.0:
We have done the Total Life Challenge (TLC for short) a few times with wicked success. In a nutshell, the TLC is a holistic approach that rewards you for your diligence in taking care of your health and wellness in 5 key areas: sleep, nutrition, fish oil, water intake, and mobility. Click here for full details. Prize money to be won in this one!!
3. Personalized Nutrition Coaching:
Some people prefer a more hands-on approach, and similar to our private training option, the idea behind our Nutrition Coaching is the same. There are a variety of options to choose from and you can read about all of them by clicking here.
Ok folks, that is all I’ve got for now. Let one of your coaches know how you’ll be participating and we’ll be sure to have you ready to go on September 18th!

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