Hello there CFG Intramural Open Fans, here is your weekly update of the leaderboard.

Here is how things are shaking out right now in terms of placing:

  1. Snatch In A Box and Harry Squatters – 71 points
  2. Shrug Life – 68 points
  3. Goat Herding Derelicts – 43 points

If you want to check out the overall leaderboard, click here.

For Week 3, the “Spirit of the Open” award went to Team Shrug Life!! Run DMC folks…Run DMC – enough said.

Caption Contest Winner this time around was Natalie Main: “Melissa was right, its getting all magical up in here!”

Three weeks down, two to go.

When are you people going to turn in your BINGO sheets? Or are you playing it safe and waiting until the last minute??