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Wil, Steph, Shannon, and Nick...aka Team Triple D's!
Wil, Steph, Shannon, and Nick…aka Team Triple D’s!

A. Warm-Up:
Dynamic stretching
2 rounds NOT for time – 5 dead-hang pull-ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats
Hip and Psoas Smash
(The hip and psoas smash will help release tension in the hip capsule.  This will allow for better range of movement in the bottom of the squat.)
Accumulate 5min in the push-up plank position, then –
7 Rounds –
7 Thrusters
7 Pull-Ups
Rest 2min
Explanation/Goals –
In this WOD you get every rep you would get in a conventional Fran, plus four, plus…rest! This is another workout in which you will focus on practice of the movements. Most of us blow right by the mechanical accuracy and consistency to get to Intensity. In today’s WOD you get to practice form and pacing management. Your goal is even times across all rounds. Not only should you be able to do round one at a higher intensity, but you should also be able to do successive rounds at nearly the same effort.

 So before you begin, think about pacing. Can you maintain 7+7 for seven sets, or should you go 4+3 for each movement right from the start? Pick a pace and commit to it. Don’t red-line on the first set.

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