One Day at a Time…12/5/13

I posted this video on our FB page earlier today, but it is very important to me to share this with you all as it goes along with the title of this post:

“For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way.”

Why is this important enough that I’d share it twice in one day? Simple – you need to have goals, or even A goal, and a plan on how to achieve them (or it).

But you have to realize something – achieving a goal is a day to day process. It’s the little things added up over time that amount to accomplishing a task worth working hard for.

And that success doesn’t happen overnight. Consider these two outstanding players:

Michael Jordan joined the NBA in 1984. His first championship? 1991

LeBron James joined the NBA in 2003. His first championship? 2012

Before they even WON that first championship, they had to make it to the NBA. How many years and years of perfecting their craft did that take??

There are NO overnight successes. There are NO shortcuts. Anyone who tries to sell you on a quick fix is trying to do one thing – ┬áSELL you something.

So, what can you do? Set a goal. Set a few. Long term, short term.

You all joined CFG because you wanted to improve something about your life. What was it? Has it changed? If so, that’s ok.

Next, get to the gym and WORK YOUR BUTT OFF to achieve them. But take it one day at a time. Remember, showing up is 80% of the battle.

How about this – I’ll lay out some of my personal goals. Some of you have heard or asked me about them before, but I keep them held pretty close. But to get the ball rolling for you all, I’ll open up go first:

My ultimate goal – I want to qualify for the CrossFit South East Regionals in 2015.

Why such a long time off, why not next year? Well, goals have to be realistic. And I have a LOT of work to put in to have a hope of making it even in 2015.

How will I get there? Small milestones along the way. Such as:

Snatch 225 by May.

Back Squat 400 by the end of next summer

Get a 60″ Box Jump by March

Have a sub-4 minute Fran and a sub-8 Helen by the end of the 2013 Open

The work to get to each of those takes place every day I step foot into the box to train. The days I feel bad, the days I take the red-eye home from Kansas City, the days I’d rather be napping, the days where my training calls for running…I take each session one at a time and try to maximize the time I spend training. Every rep counts.

Lastly, I have 100% trust and a full commitment to the training program that I follow. Many days, it’s very hard to see the big picture that I’m working towards. But jumping around and doing something else thats seems more fun just won’t get it done. Stick to the plan. “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

So, what are YOUR goals and what is stopping you from achieving them? (Yes, I want you to list them)


A. Skill:

Max Height Box Jump


Hip Flexors


4 RFR –

1min ME Shoulder Touches

2min ME Hang Power Snatch + OHS (75/45)

1min ME T2B

1min REST

people working out in a group fitness class


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