Please Welcome Coach P!

As CrossFit For Glory continues to grow in membership, so does the need for us to have excellent people to lead all of you. It is my great pleasure to introduce the next Coach at CrossFit For Glory – Lowell Patterson. He’s been assisting Coach Leigh-Ann with our kids program and will be doing the same with the…more mature bunch shortly. Next time you see him, be sure to give him a ‘high five’ and say ‘Congrats!’

Welcome aboard Lowell!

Here are a few words from Lowell talking about his background:

“Hello everyone. My name is Lowell Patterson, but I am often referred to by most kids as “Coach P.” I am a lifelong sport enthusiast and educator. Throughout my life sports and active living have always played a very important part of my development and later the development of other athletes. As a child I participated in sports year round playing baseball, soccer, and football. When I entered high school I decided to try other sports as well where I went on to letter in wrestling, track, and football. I worked my way through college as a life guard and swimming instructor. During college I continued to participate in intramural sports for my fraternity, helping them to win several IM championships. Upon graduation I began teaching school and in the last 22 years have continued to stay active participating in adult softball, volleyball, flag football, working on a struggling golf game and running in 5k and adventure races such as the Tough Mudder and Savage races.
My coaching experience began when I was in college as an assistant high school volleyball coach and flag football coach. After graduation I began teaching and coached middle school volleyball, teaching tennis and assisting with track. When I had my own kids and they started playing sports I stepped away from the school coaching to have the opportunities to coach my own children in the variety of sports they participated in including softball, baseball, flag football and lacrosse.
Over the last 6 years I have had the privilege of training athletes in speed, agility, and quickness as the head trainer for Megasports. I also worked as a performance trainer for the FishHawk Soccer Club for two years and was the conditioning coach for the Coyotes Lacrosse boy’s middle school program. During that time I worked with youth, high school and college athletes to develop each individual player’s overall athletic performance. A strong focus was put on improving their game skills through the sessions focusing on each individual’s goals and abilities, thereby helping them reach their top potential.
Following some injuries and an extensive two year break from participating in sports I decided to give CrossFit a chance. Thanks in part from some encouraging from several CFG members that are friends it was a great decision. I tried it and much like the rest of you got hooked! I enjoy challenging myself and seeing and feeling the results that follow every WOD. I enjoy the camaraderie between members and I am excited to begin working alongside you as well as instructing the youth of the sport.”


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