Before finding CrossFit For Glory,

“I would say my biggest struggle was boredom. We had just moved here and were working out with free weights in the garage and running the neighborhood. It was not much fun. My biggest frustration was being tied to my scale. I was weighing myself daily and not loving the results. I just did not feel good.

I never looked forward to working out and that made me “skip” training days ALL THE TIME. Obviously, the scale wasn’t looking any better because of said skip days. I had an unhealthy obsession with that number that was staring back at me. Needless to say, the self-talk I had going on in my head was not super positive.”

When we found CFG,

“It changed everything! I had never touched a barbell before or been on a (pull-up) rig. This was all so new and challenging. Every single day was different and I needed the variety to keep me on my toes. I remember literally hitting up the Google every day before class so I could watch videos of the movements in that day’s WOD. I also met some really amazing people! CFG is so much more than a gym… it is a great community where folks cheer you on and help you along the way. It’s been an awesome ride! I wake up every morning grateful and excited to start my day at CFG.”

Life is different now, 

“I feel amazing, I sleep like a baby, and I love that some days (mostly Saturdays) I get to train with my husband Adam. I am not tied to my scale as much anymore, either. I have a new appreciation of what my body can do. It is an amazing instrument! I have learned so much in just a few years, but my list of CrossFit goals seems to increase as time moves forward. I think that is what keeps me coming back each day. I love a good challenge!”