Proud Coach…1/20/14

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Words cannot begin to express how proud I am when our athletes decide they want to compete. This weekend proved no different. Jordan, Justin, and Michael worked their tails off and did exceptionally well – and this was a first time for all three of them! Throughout the course of two long (albeit quite beautiful) days, those guys were put through a gauntlet of 4 WODs…PLUS they had to squeeze in a max effort clean and jerk somewhere during their “down time.”
For every single competition I’ve ever gone to as a coach, there are quite a few things that I evaluate while I am there; the venue, organization, timing, judging, and WOD programming are all important. But the thing that is first in my mind is how my athletes handle themselves. Not just their performance on the field, but their character on and off of it. In the heat of competition, there are a ton of things that don’t go your way, or things don’t turn out how you expected them to. It is in those moments that someones true colors shine through.
In the case of the three representing CrossFit For Glory, I was humbled at their poise, grace, and camaraderie with each other and the other competitors. They are not only great ambassadors of the entire CrossFit community, but most importantly to me they are great representatives of CrossFit For Glory! Thanks for that guys.
And last but certainly not least, that you to everyone who came out (or who gave us a shout out!) to show their love and support for our competitors. I think I can speak for all of them when I say “Thank You, it means the world.”
Keep an eye out on the CFG FB page for lots of photos of the weekend!


Moving on.

Open registration is live. Go and register. Now. It’s OK, I can wait. So can this post.

Not sure if you should? Might as well, everyone will be doing the WODs in the box anyhow, so you might as well get credit for them.

What is the Open? Go read this post. Go ahead…we’ll wait…again.

Got it now?

Ok, so NOW go and register!

With the Open coming around in just a few short weeks, I thought it’d be nice to shed some light on a few tricks that I have up my sleeve to make sure you guys are as ready as humanly possible. So without further ado, here is a peek through the looking glass that is CFG Programming:
Over the next few weeks we will have some specific programming that is targeted at strengthening some of the overall weaknesses at the box. While it may seem a bit tedious, please continue to put your trust in me in terms of your fitness development. Having said that, the improvement on your end can only be realized if you are consistent on attending on these specific days. I will do my best to spread them around throughout the week so that everyone will get at least one or two attempts at each of these movements.So, what are some of the exercises that you will see a bit more regularly over the coming weeks?Pendlay Rows & Good Mornings (these are crucial)
Bulgarian Split Squats
Toes To Bar
Double Unders
Muscle Ups
There will probably be more added to this list but I figured it’s enough for now.
Moving on to tonights WOD:

A. Skill:

15min to 3RM Thruster


Front Rack


15min AMRAP –

6 Continuous Front Squats (see note below)

12 KB High Pulls (53/35)

18 Sit-Ups

*Note: Continuous front squats are just squats that are done unbroken and without ANY pause at the top (or bottom) of the movement. So at the top, you must descend down immediately after your hips and knees reach full extension. No sitting at the bottom either. If you stop, pause, or drop the bar before all reps are completed you must start your reps all over.

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