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Now THAT is rock bottom!! Great depth Annie T….I mean Jenny!

The holidays are a great time of year – spending quality time with family, (hopefully) cooler temperatures, holiday parties, less school…the list could go on.
It’s also a time when we are most likely to fall off the wagon in regards to eating well, training hard, and sleeping sound.
The name of the game is consistency. Once you establish a routine, it’s quite difficult to veer from it. The human mind likes routine, it’s efficient, it functions well with it.
But this routine can be both a good and bad thing.
Good – you eat well, workout a few days a week, and get enough solid sleep. This is the ideal routine most of you have created for yourselves.
Bad – you go on vacation or are out of the gym for a few days. This is a break in the routine…one that starts an entirely new one. The new routine is – eat the cookie, skip the gym, slack on the sleep. This becomes a bad, and very hard, habit to break.
Many of you experienced this over the Thanksgiving holiday – I know it for a fact because classes were slim even though you were all back in town!
Don’t let it happen this Christmas season. Stay on track. Keep working towards the goals you have set for yourself, no matter what they are. One or two missed days will EASILY turn into one or two missed weeks.
Lastly…if you’ve got the in-laws in town, do you REALLY want to hang around them 24/7?? Come hit a WOD, get away for an hour. Heck, you might even get two hours away once they smell you upon your return…
A. Skill:
Snatch Balance – 5×2
Lat-ball smash
Run 200m
21 KB Swings
12 Deadlifts (225/155)

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