Summer 2013 Nutrition Challenge…

Ok gang, the nutrition seminar is over and it went spectacularly. I hope you all enjoyed it and learned a lot of new information. If you were unable to attend, you are still more than welcome to participate in the challenge. I will have a sign-up sheet at the gym…or you can post below to the comments. If you’d like a copy of the presentation from the seminar, just let me know and I’ll gladly email it over
Here is what you’ll find below:
A. Tips for Success
B. Rules for the 30-Day Challenge
1. Plan ahead – hopefully we stressed this enough, but I will continue to harp on this. You must make it a habit to plan out your meals. Get a crock pot, and use it frequently. Make extra.
2. Accountability – do not try to do this alone, without anyone else holding you accountable. Partner with your spouse, a co-worker, or even someone else from the gym. Having someone else to lean on and exchange recipes (or entire meals) with is a priceless resource
3. Keep it simple – far too often I see people trying to cook up elaborate meals. That will work on special occasions, but if you don’t already cook time-consuming meals like that now, it’s not going to work during the challenge (or for the long term for that matter). On top of that, don’t try to “Paleo-tize” everything…treats/breads/pasts – you’re missing the whole point of this if you do that. Stick to the basics!
4. Paleo plate – remember, 1/2 of your plate should hold veggies. The remaining 1/2 should be divided between meat and healthy fats (see slide presentation for examples of these)
5. Weight Loss – if this is your goal, stay away from fruit and potatoes, period. Again, keep it simple.
6. Resources – go here. Go there often.
30-Day Challenge Rules:
– Starts: Monday, July 8th
– Ends: Saturday, August 10th
– $20 entry fee (cash or charged to your account)
– $1 penalty for each food and $5 for each meal you eat from the “Avoid” list (money pot will be at the gym with a sheet to log all infractions…this must be done in cash!). This is based on the honor system here folks…
– Beginning photos must be taken by Wednesday, July 10th. Guys – shirts off, shorts on. Girls – sports bras and shorts or capris. Don’t worry, these pics are for in-house peeps only!
– Ending photos must be taken between August 6th-8th to be eligible for prize pool
– Same clothes and poses
– Benchmark WODs MUST be done between August 6th-8th to be eligible for prize pool
The Food:
– Eat: meat, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit (depending on your goals), olive oil (for topping, not cooking), coconut oil (use this for cooking), pastured butter (Kerrygold @ Publix or Sweetbay). Water, tea (unsweet, duh), coffee.
– Avoid: modern, processed, and/or refined foods. Grains, dairy (ALL), soy (beans/legumes, peanuts), packaged snacks, sugary beverages, dried fruit, artificial ingredients, and anything with added sugar.
– Grey area: fruit and potatoes. If weight loss is your goal, then avoid these things, no questions. Honey and natural sweeteners (maple syrup, stevia, agave nectar) – limited to 3x/week usage. Alcohol – red wine, tequila, cider; no more than three servings, 3x/week, TOTAL! This does NOT mean three servings can be had 3x/week. It means that you are allowed three total servings in a week. And finally, NO, not three servings of each item. Hopefully I covered it all!
– Not sure? If a caveman ate it, it’s probably ok to eat. If you can NOT imagine or come up with a reasonable explanation of how he was able to make it and eat it, then it’s probably not approved. Period. Still can’t decide, then ask yourself this: “Will eating this take take me closer to, or further away from, my goals?” Or, text/email me!

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