The Athlete Series, part 1…7/15/13

Globogyms- and spas- have clients.  You are not a “client” at CrossFit For Glory. The coaches at CFG refer to you as an “athlete.”

 “Athlete. n. A person possessing the natural or acquired traits, such as strength, agility, and endurance, that are necessary for physical exercise or sports, especially those performed in competitive contexts.”

Some of you are natural athletes or have been active in sports your entire lives.  Some of you may not think of yourself as an athlete, but since you started coming regularly to CFG, you are training like you are.  Even if they aren’t innate, CFG is helping you acquire the traits of an athlete (see page 4 for the ’10 General Physical Skills’).  Over the next several blog posts, we will write about some of the indicators to help you see yourself as an athlete.
When you stop exercising and start training: 
Jazzercise is exercise.  Power stroller walks are exercise.  Walking the dog is exercise.  Exercise is good and necessary for a healthy life, but you need to train to get quicker, stronger, become more agile, and forge mental toughness.  Athletes exercise, but they also train.  In your case you are training for life: the unknown and unknowable.  Oh, and next year’s CrossFit Open!  Training takes a different mindset than exercise. It’s intense; it involves purpose and goals.  Training is integrated into your life and isn’t just an hour spent sweating.  You “get exercise” while you train, but you also work toward those goals. One way to rapidly improve your fitness is to stop thinking of CrossFit as a way to exercise, and think of it as The Way to achieve your physical goals.
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We’re starting a new squatting cycle this week, so you better come ready to TRAIN!
A. Skill:
Back Squat –
1×10 @ 60%
1×8 @ 70%
1×6 @ 75%
1×4 @ 80%
Hip Internal Rotation
4 RFT –
12 T2B
12 Burpees

people working out in a group fitness class


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