Throwdown Recap…9/9/14

As I promised last night, here we go:
This past weekend, we had 11 CFG athletes compete at the Central Florida Throwdown. It was a very well put-on event by my good friends (and athlete that I coach!) at CrossFit Fenrir – Olly and Anitra Goddard. Thank you both so much for your hospitality and such a great event and venue.
Before every competition, I have the same conversation with all of the competitors – things like what to expect, how to prepare, how to fuel, etc. But the biggest point that I drive home is that each of them will be representatives of CrossFit For Glory. As your head coach (and owner), that means the world to me. I expect them to handle themselves with dignity, integrity, and humility. But more than anything I want them to handle others, especially fellow competitors AND the judges, with respect. I have been to so many competitions where I’ve seen athletes continually argue with judges over a call of no-rep, I’ve seen people argue and/or fight with their teammates, and I’ve even seen people throw equipment at their judge when they get an unfavorable call. Yes, I’m serious.
I can honestly tell you that I have never seen any of that from any of our athletes.
And I could not be more proud of them for that fact alone.

Almost the whole crew!
Almost the whole crew!

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are some more fun, fast-hitting facts to check out:
– Of our 11 athletes, our team of 4 and 3 others made the final event of their division
– Thats a big deal
– Crystal took 6th place overall in the 1k that followed the goblet squat, swing, single under wod
– She also had the fasted 1k of all CFG peeps!
– Marc Z, our lone high school age competitor (!), tied his PR bear complex at 140lb and took 26th out of 61 competitors in the 1k run
– Alex PR’d his bear complex at 145lb, knocked out 23 (!) burpees immediately following, and sprinted the last 100m of the 1k faster than anyone I saw all day. Wait until you see his wolverine photo show up…
– Kris took home 3 Top-30 finishes and finished with a 185 bear complex
– Tim, aka Timbo Slice, took home 4 Top-20 finishes, along with a 195 bear complex to tie Kaliym
– Rob nailed a 180 bear complex for 8th best in his division, the best showing of all CFG peeps for their bear complex relative to their competitors. He also achieved his goal of “not coming in last place!”
– Kaliym took home two Top-10 finishes and an 11th place finish in the final event to go along with a 195 bear complex to tie Timbo Slice
– “Team CFG” finished 15th overall out of 44 teams
– They took 10th overall in the bear complex with a combined 685lb lifted, and finished in the top 20 in all workouts but one. 
– And during what would be the last event for all CFG athletes, our team took FIRST PLACE in their heat!
– Read this list over again and marinate on it.
As you can see, CrossFit For Glory had a TON of success this past weekend. They would all also tell you that they had a ton of FUN!! There are competitions all the time, so if this is something you’re interested in, let me know and we’ll find an appropriate one for you to get involved in!


(Yes, I know I’m slacking on the Extra Work for this week…but wasn’t that recap so much better? It’ll be up tomorrow.)

A. Weightlifting:
Pendlay Row – 4 x 10 @ 90% heaviest lifted
Hips, Shoulders, Lats – You Pick and Do for 45s each side!
Clean (115/75)
Push Jerk
Burpee Pull-Up
RX+ Will do 155/105 AND burpee muscle-ups
1) If you have to ask about the clean, you will do TRIPLE the amount of burpees.
2) You are NOT allowed to split jerk.
3) No band assisted pull-ups, but rather jumping pull-ups will be allowed.

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