This past Saturday, we had a celebration at the box for all of the TLC 2.0 participants. We shared a lot of great food, passed out $700 in cash prizes, and took time to reflect on everyone’s experience. I thought it’d be nice to share with everyone, whether you participated or not, some of the takeaways that people had:

– Plan Ahead

– If you’re single or going Paleo on your own, find a friend to swap recipes and food with

– Stock up on essentials (spices, oils, non-perishables) at the beginning

– DO NOT try to Paleofy everything, you will curb the sweet tooth only temporarily

– Give yourself time to adjust…yes, more than a few days. Some took a few weeks. Feeling miserable/hungry/sluggish/cranky is normal in the beginning

– If you’re goal is to lose weight, you need to pay attention to portion control

– Be prepared by always having good choices available

– It is better to eat something “less than optimal” than starving yourself (even if it means losing points during a challenge!)

– You never realize how much you are addicted to sugar until you cut ALL the junk out – not just the handfuls of M&Ms and Skittles and sodas

– You become an expert at explaining what Paleo is!

– Meal time is much easier if the whole family is on board

– It is actually NOT more expensive to eat this way. In fact, it saves a BUNCH of money!


Well folks, there you have it. If you didn’t get in on this challenge don’t worry, there will be more down the road. As our little box continues to grow, we will have the opportunity to put together these types of things much more often. The final takeaway that I had for the group was this:

The goal of this whole challenge was to establish a lifestyle that is sustainable to help you achieve the long-term goals you have for your own health and fitness. As such, when you add certain food items back in that you weren’t allowed to have, do so on a case by case basis so that you can see how those things affect you individually. If you cram in a whole host of badness in one meal and have a poor reaction to it, you’ll never be able to single out what item did it. Also, optimal sleep has been scientifically shown to be in the 7-9 hour range. If 8+ hours was too much (or too little), then adjust it accordingly. But remember, sleep is the time when your body recovers and repairs itself, so do not neglect it.

And last but certainly not least, I want to say congratulations to ALL of our participants. Whether you won or not, you made me incredibly proud by the progress you all made. And in case you didn’t hear, our three winners (and their new nicknames) are:

1. Jaci “Tall Socks” Johnson

2. Lisa “Long Locks” Abell

3. Crystal “The Quiet Assassin” Harris

Tall Socks Johnson

The Silent Assassin and Long Locks


A. Skill:

12min to 1RM Snatch – 2″ From Floor



Rope Climb Practice




For Time –


Run 1 Lap

1 Rope Climb

Run 2 Laps

2 Rope Climbs

Run 3 Laps

3 Rope Climbs

Run 3 Laps

2 Rope Climbs

Run 2 Laps

1 Rope Climb

Run 1 Lap


*Note: There is a 15-minute time cap AND yes, there is a scaling option for rope climbs.