Upcoming Workshops and Events!

Hey Everyone,
Just wanted to update you on our seminar and workshop series that we’ve got coming up this fall. One date has changed (Olympic Weightlifting), the rest remain the same.

Here is the updated list and further details:
Saturday September 20th (11am-12:30ish) – “Food as Fuel” Nutrition Seminar. Learn how to eat for your specific goals and body-type (FREE, open to anyone and everyone)
Saturday October 4th (10:30-1:30ish) – Olympic Weightlifting Workshop (limited to 25 people. We’ve only got about 10 slots left, so speak now!)
Saturday October 25th (10:30-12:30ish) – Running Workshop (Our goal is to teach you how to stay injury free and get you faster by focusing on running efficiency through better mechanics. Limited to 25 people, we’ve got about 15 spots remaining)
Saturday November 22nd (10:30-12:30ish) Rowing Workshop (We’ve got a 2-time National Champion Rower coming in to teach this one. Want to improve your rowing? Then you’d better be here…Space is limited to 25 people, only about 10 spots remain)
As you can see, we’ve got one seminar and a 3-part workshop series. The seminar is free.
The workshops will be much more time intensive and hands on than what you are used to seeing in a regular session. In addition to specific movement work, we will have video analysis(!) and programming lectures so that you can learn how to best utilize these movements for your specific goals (i.e. CrossFit competition, weightlifting competition, general health and fitness, etc). They are geared with everyone in mind – beginners, intermediates, elite athletes, and even coaches.
Cost will be $50 for each workshop and we will be giving away (read: FREE) a shirt to anyone who signs up for all three! We will have some extras that anyone else can purchase for $25 separately.
Speak now to reserve your spot. If you’ve already done so previously, we’ve got you covered.

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