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Don’t forget the theme for week 4: Pac Man! Come as a character, an object in the game…pretty much anything Pac Man is good to go!

Also, you owe it to yourselves to check and (and share share share!) the photo album from Saturday’s festivities – once again, Rob Rivera captured some incredible shots! Click here to go right to it and please tag yourselves.



“Constant dripping hollows out a stone.”



Grass-fed butter: rich in vitamin K12, High in Vitamins A, D and E, contains over 400 beneficial fatty acids.




A. Warm-Up:

Pre-Class: Breathing Drills + Functional Progressions
Class Warm-up:
3 Rounds –
8 Russian KB Swings
8 Empty Barbell back squats


B. Weightlifting:

Back Squat – Warm up to a weight that is no greater than 70% of 1RM back squat. Then:
12 x 2, perform a set every 45 seconds



Back Squat from Rack (weight that can be done comfortably and perfectly)
DB Step Ups (20″ or less) (choose a comfortable but challenging weight)



3 Rounds
20 Banded Good Mornings
2minutes each side wall lunge  (couch stretch