Last week, I wrote a bit about our process of recognizing the ‘Bright Spots’ in our life and the reasoning behind it. I’m not going to rehash it here, just click to read the post.

Today I’d like to offer an even more practical reason for embracing this practice: the creation of the successes you want in life.

In simplest terms, bright spots are measures of success. Some have big magnitude: “I got a job promotion!” or “We just had a baby girl!” Others are less life changing: “Traffic wasn’t a nightmare.” or “I drank more water today versus yesterday.”

When we achieve something, it matters…a LOT; no matter how big or small the achievement may seem.

We also know why this success matters – it breeds motivation. It is the very catalyst for more success.

After recognition of a bright spot, a logical next step would be to ask yourself “What’s next?”

Borrowing a lesson from my mentor Chris Cooper (who came up with bright spots in the first place), George Lowenstein’s Gap Theory teaches us that the closer we are to a goal, the more irresistible it becomes.

This is the nature of curiosity.

When we fail at double unders, its not fun. And it often hurts.

But we’ve all experienced the thrill of getting our first double under. Or, sometimes, simply feeling like we did it. The impossible has now become probable. Its no longer a matter of ‘if’, but ‘when.’

You instinctively want to practice more. You want that feeling again.

The gap between what you knew (how not to do double unders) and what you want to know (how to jump rope like Molly Metz) has just narrowed.

That is how progress is made.

That is why consistently highlighting your bright spots is important and instrumental in your continued success.

This is how to get what you want.

Now, what bright spots would you like to highlight today?

After that, ask yourself “Ok, what’s next?”