You Can't Outwork a Crappy Diet

I know, I know, many of you know how much a loathe the word ‘diet,’ but in this case I felt like that flowed with the title better than “You can’t outwork a crappy nutritional lifestyle.”
Anyhow, on with the content.
Many of you decided to join CrossFit For Glory for similar reasons – to improve your health and fitness and lose some weight. Or maybe add a bit of muscle.
Over the years, it’s very common for people to add pounds to their waistline without them even noticing it. In school, we learned there is an actual scientific term for this: creeping obesity. Think about this: if you add just 2-3 pounds to yourself each year over the course of a decade, that amounts to an extra 20-30 pounds you will be carrying!
Scary right?
When people start up a new gym routine, whether it’s CrossFit or something else, they expect to see (and feel) the pounds start falling off very quickly. The problem is that does not happen in most cases. I’d love to tell people that all they needed to do is come and do CrossFit and they’ll be in the best shape of their lives. Truth is, they’d be on the right path for sure. But in my eyes, and my experience, working out is only 10% of the answer. Nutrition is 90%!
Read that again: Nutrition is 90%!
At most, you guys are in the gym for 1 hour of your day. Even if you are at the box for 6 classes per week, that still amounts to only 6 hours. Now, compare that to how many times you sit down to eat, or grab something as a quick snack, or have a drink in your hand during the day. It doesn’t even come close.
Next time you look up at the board and wonder how in the heck so-and-so continues to improve (regardless of how often they are in) more than you, take a look at what you are doing with your time outside of the box.
And don’t even get me started on “well, I’m genetically predisposed to [insert ANY ailment here].” That’s BS – everything is genetic! With VERY FEW exceptions, your body needs some sort of environmental cue to manifest those problems. Any clue so far as to what those cues are? That’s right – FOOD! Need further explanation? Read this
(Curious for an example that hits close to home: our in-house reigning 24th Fittest Man in the world, Jay Bradley, is “predisposed” to obesity – he has hypothyroidism and has for several years.)
So, where is all this going?
One of the many benefits as a member of CFG is that you have access to nutritional coaching as desired. And we frequently run Nutrition Challenges as a way to get everyone to support one another.
We even have one coming up on the 18th of September – read details here.
Look, being fit and healthy is hard work. There are NO shortcuts. Anyone who tells you differently, or tries to sell you on an easier way, is doing just that Рtrying to sell you on something.
Think of it this way: your body is like a high performance car. Don’t put crappy gas in the tank. Crap in = crap out.
Work hard, eat right, live well.
The End.

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