Coach Mark James' Thoughts:

Thoughts on our upcoming programming from Coach Mark James:
The “off-season” is officially over, and it’s time to get back to some serious CrossFit training.  Don’t make the mistake of working out without a well thought out plan.  This is a 6 week high volume plan, designed to increase muscle mass, and muscular endurance, two deficiencies common in almost all CrossFitters. (And for my ladies…don’t freak out – building some muscle is a good thing!)
This is the first part the 12 week program.  After completing these 6 weeks you will be more muscular, and your ability to handle heavy weights for high reps will be at an all time high.
I, like many CrossFitters out there, have kind of just been doing a few wods, and relaxing after the CrossFit open.  It’s good to relax in the off season, and try new things, as well as allowing your body to recover from the niggling aches and pains that accumulate over the year.
That time is over now.  We need to get back to serious training, if we are to increase our fitness in the coming year.  Before we get into the details of this 6 week block that will kick off our training year, let’s first discuss what a training year should look like for those that really want to peak for the open.
The plan we will be talking about is very similar to what many strength and conditioning athletes do for their long range plans.  This is a year long cycle that prioritizes certain aspects of training, depending on how close we are to the CrossFit Open.
Phase 1 
The first phase of training is the hypertrophy/muscular endurance training phase.  This is key for those looking to maximize their performance for a variety of reasons.  First, increasing muscular size is important to increasing strength, which is a key predictor of CrossFit performance. Its also an incredible developer of an ideal body composition!
Week 1
You will notice that the strength work is always two paired movements that don’t interfere with each other.  This is by design, because it allows us to work those same muscle groups multiple times each week, allowing for a high total volume.  This is also the easiest week.  It only gets harder.
The WODs are also designed not to interfere with the strength and hypertrophy work.  The WODs are obviously still important, but the main goal of this phase is to increase muscular size, and muscular endurance.
Time for some fun in 3…2…1…GO!

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