Better Together, Part 2

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog called ‘Better Together.’ It highlighted a message of scripture from a recent church service that resonated with me. If you missed it, or want to re-read it for context, check it out here.


I’ve always secretly chuckled at the name CrossFit gyms gave themselves in the early days – “boxes.”


“See you at the box!”


“What time you getting to the box?”


This naming happened for two reasons: CrossFit came about very counter-culture like. They (we?) wanted to be seen as different, and setting up shop in a space that looked like a big box just seemed to work. It was also an ode to the notion that you didn’t need a gym full of big fancy machines and equipment; all the things you need to get in really good shape can fit in a box.


So in a twist of irony for part 2 of my ‘Better together’ blog, I’d like to take things outside of the box.


We just wrapped up five weeks of the CFG Intramural Open. The stories that you guys will hear over the coming weeks from the Open are going to be great. Firsts of all kinds – new movements, new skills, new weights. Maybe a first RX workout? Or even a full slate of RX workouts for the first time!


And of the course the team winners. Which we’re announcing at this weekends 19.6 celebration at Little Everglades Ranch – you already RSVP’d, right?


While the Open stands out as the highlight event of our year, there are so many other things that CFG does together that make us so special.


One week before the Open kicked off, we gathered at CFG to celebrate the life of Coach Jill’s young niece, Lorelai, that passed away. The love and support were indescribable and provided a short period of respite for a family in need.


In early December, we participated in the ‘Naughty or Nice’ Fundraiser to stock the toy closet at All Children’s Hospital.


And a month prior to that, we celebrated Head Coach Steph’s wedding to Tim! Before you know it, they’ll be welcoming their first little one.


But there are a ton of things that go on behind the scenes to lift each other up in times of need. Sometimes these things are headed up by our amazing staff. But more often than not, they come from you guys.


Meal trains, flowers, and gift baskets during times of hardship and sickness.


Refilling a Star Bucks card anonymously to keep the caffeine flowing during the holidays.


Calls and texts of encouragement and celebration for all kinds of things – new promotion at work, a fruitful partnership realized, even a pat on the back for being the parent of a great kid.


Your joys are our joys.


Your needs are our needs.


Your sorrows are our sorrows.


As my lovely wife put it: “Our community outside of the gym is what creates and fosters the magic inside of the gym.” 


Thanks for all that YOU do to make our CFG community so amazing. We’re making the world a better place one rep of kindness at a time.
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