What brought you to CFG?
Actually we were looking for a program for my son Lucas to join to work on his core strength and found CFG through a friend.  I brought Lucas to his first session of CrossFit Kids and liked what I saw in the box and signed up myself a few weeks later.  I have been at CFG for three and a half years and have enjoyed every minute of it.
What was your first impression?
Well I decided to participate in the 5:30 AM class due to my schedule.  I walked in on the #530sealteam coached by Heather.  The intensity level was high. It was game on from the beginning and it was either sink or swim.  I learned how to swim real fast. Being humbled was an understatement.
How has that impression changed?
I walk into the box now thinking I am going to PR today’s lift or WOD.
What are you most proud of?
Being part of a great community of people that have the same ideals to push forward and succeed in life.  Another is I will turn 60 this month, being able to compete and workout side by side with people half my age.  (Old Man Strength)
What are you working towards now?
Continuing strength training and increasing my cardio endurance.  For me it’s a mental battle to overcome your brain shutting down your body before your body is ready to quit.  It’s become a science project.
What’s your favorite CFG memory?
There’s so many: the Opens, the camaraderie, lifting heavy, watching and encouraging others to excel, really everyday I go to the box is a favorable memory.