Running the Right Way…6/18/12

This is a topic that is long overdue, and for that, I apologize. We’ve talked intermittently during class about proper running form. The gist of it is this: heavy heel strike first = bad! Now, we are going to take action. Starting next Monday, June 25th, we are going to introduce the proper technique for running…be it long distances or short. Just like the progressions we learn in class for a full squat snatch, running technique can be broken down as well. For the vast majority of you out there, this will be a HUGE help in improving not only your running economy (using less energy), but will lessen the likelihood of injuries. So get ready! Who knows, we might see more of this:
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Music: so far, we’ve only gotten input from 3 or 4 people. Of those, most of the music suggested was along the same lines (genre/style/artist/etc) as what we already have been playing…with one HUGE exception – there was a LOT of country music suggested. So, if you are looking to hear more variety, then you better SPEAK UP NOW! Otherwise, don’t be whinin’ when Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney come blaring across the speakers back to back!
And now, the good stuff:
A. Skill:
3RM Back Squat
5 Rounds f/ Reps –
3min AMRAP
3 Power Cleans (155/105)
6 Hand Release Push-Ups
9 Air Squats
Rest 1min

people working out in a group fitness class


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