Updated Intramural Rosters and How to Get Points!

Here are your updated rosters:
Team Smoked Bacon:
Brian Williams
Theresa Norman
David Bushea
Justin Smith
David Carver
Todd Huffman
Stephanie U
Tabrez N
Kate Toschlog
Lucien C
Rob Riviera
AJ Twible
Jordan Livemore
Jim Sullivan
William Grant
Anthony S
Massiel B
Michael Grant
Dylan Parker
Kagan Aubin
Marcus Rivera
Team Power Cleans and Pizza:
Lester G
Beth M
Crystal H
Angela L
Pam Z
Wil L
Coach Lowell
Jade Timmerman
Mara S
Joy D
Mark L
Jim L
Team Swole Train:
Mark James
Justin Scott
Brandon Carver
Scott Fest
Nathan Gambol
Elysse Gonzalez
Eric Thors
Rob Wolfenden
Kendall Wolfenden
Tim G
Kristen C
Team Wallballerz:
Stephanie B
Allie E.
Theresa Raney
Alexis Gonzalez
Josh Stoddant
Mark G
Jeff Abuin
Marc Z
Alex D
Coach Margaret
Alex F
Raney Sr
Raney Jr
Yolanda C.
Jason C.
Justin Spadoni
Mike Colonna
Jodi Martin
Amy Stoddart
Team Squat Mafia:
Tim Weaver
Coach Jim
Noah Engelker
Chris Bilar
Allison Brandt
Andrew Edlund
Kelsey V
Mike Wetzel
Jose Baldomero
Judy W
Pat Jobes
Kris P
Victor G
***There are still some last minute hold-outs, so once those people choose a team, I’ll update everything again!***
Now onto the fun part – scoring points for YOUR TEAM!!
1. Teams are given 1 point for every athlete who completes a given Open workout. Don’t read much into this – if you show up and do the workout, you’re good.
2. Teams are given 3 points for every athlete who finishes among the top 3 each week, in their respective division. The divisions will be: teen, scaled, RX, and Masters. No, we will not be dividing male and female.
3. Teams are given 5 points if they win the “Spirit of the Open” award on any given week. This is voted on by members of #teamheadjudge – i.e. Coaches Heather, Leigh-Ann, and Josh.
4. If you complete your February burpee challenge, you will score 2 points for your team. If your entire team completes the challenge, your team will score a bonus 10 points!
5. If you went out to the FishHawk Chili Cookoff and voted for Dr. Scott’s Paleo Chili, you will get 1 point for your team.

Yes folks, that is a whistle. Hahahaha!

We’re just under a WEEK AWAY until the first Open workout of 2016 is revealed…and I CANNOT WAIT!!!

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